Thursday, October 5, 2017

हँसी तेरी

हँसी से तेरी खिलखिलाए सारा आलम
तू रूठ जाए तो, रूठ जाते हैं मौसम
देख-देख कर तुझको, आहें भरते हैं लोग
कातिल अदाओं को तुम्हें छुपाना नहीं आता |

तुमको खबर ही नहीं, कितनी कीमती हो तुम
कुछ और बताए गर कोई तो सुनना ही नहीं
कभी तो समझा होता, कितना मरते हैं तुमपे
बस मरते रहते हैं, पर बताना नहीं आता ||

क्या खूब धुन है तेरी, मदहोश हैं सभी
महफ़िल बाँध ली है, तेरी ये दो आँखों ने
बस नज़र उठने गिरने से, मरने को बैठे हैं लोग
एक तुम हो ऐसे ज़ालिम, जिनको सताना नही आता |

इनायत-ए-नज़र बस पड़ जाए, सब हैं इंतज़ार में
क्या क्या नहीं करते, नज़र भर देख लो केवल
आगे-पीछे फिरते हैं हम, यूँ ही आवारा बनके
फकत प्यार भर उनसे, जताना नहीं आता ||

Monday, July 2, 2012

Farewell Poem

Smriti patal par dabe
kuchh adhoore hain vaade vikal
fursat ke kuchh palon ki
chaah mein baithe hain
Manzilon ka nahin bharosa
nit roz badalti rehti hain
hum to nayi raahon ki
chaah me rehte hain

Khabar nahin kal kahaan honge
kya apne bhi kahin nishaa(n) honge
par ek wada ha zindagi
chalte rahenge, jahaan honge

Aalochako aur mitron ka
karte hain shukriya
ek aur udaan ki
jinse prerna milti rahi
ye iti nahin hai
ek aur shuruaat hai
ek aur chunauti ki
hum to chaah mein  baithe hain

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Majboor ho gaye

Bina par-e-surkhaab ke
sabhi magroor ho gaye
kya baat hai, sochne ko
hum majboor ho gaye!

Wo uth gaye itne oonche
neeche hi reh gaye hum
paas the jo kabhi dil ke
wo bahut door ho gaye!!

Jo farmaaye tune mehfil me
wo lafz hue ibaadat
do gile kiye gar maine
wo kasoor ho gaye???

Gaate hain aj kauwe
udne lage hain mendhak
nahate nahin jo kabhi
wo aaj hoor ho gaye????

Sunday, June 6, 2010

...begane ho gaye

Mehfil mein tanhayee ka, sabab kya batayein
roothe hue se aaj paimaane ho gaye;
kisi ko bhulayein itna hosh hi kahan hai
hum to khud se hi begaane ho gaye !

nahin lagti hai ab to chandni pehle si,
yatharth me khayalon ke thikaane ho gaye!
furkat to milti hai, milti nahin fursat
kehne ko khatm saare, bahaane ho gaye !!

Zindagi bahut tez hai, main hoon zara dheere
khud se milke dekha-hum puraane ho gaye
kaise batayein hum, kya haal hai zindagi ka
itni bheed mein bhi aaj, veerane ho gaye !!!

Sab chhupe se baithe hain, ek naqab chehro par,
dil ki baatein kiye to zamaane ho gaye,
lafzon ka nahin bharosa, matlab badal jate hain
main aankhein padhta hoon, shabd be-maane ho gaye !!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Big Bang(alore) (mis)adventure-Final part: A friend in need

[The last part. If you dont understand see Part 1 and Part 2. This one's 3rd and the last]

As soon as we came to know that the fine for WT in AC is more than we expect, we decide to alight and board a general coach. We somehow fit ourselves in the crowded compartment. Some people let us sit too when they heard of our couldn't-catch-the-train story. Here we were, in general compartment contemplating on what could have been a peaceful Rajdhani ride back home converted to Utpal Dutt chasing Amol Palekar (Golmaal if you haven't figured out yet) kinda don't-take-a-breath chronicle. We had a look at our fellow journeymen. There were these two 30 something lads who worked in a Mall and going home for some wedding. There was this calm composed 30 something (probably 35) married lady hung neatly onto the window seat. And there were two more nonchalant fellows who went about their business(travel) without a fuss.

After a while, the situation dawned upon us. We looked at each other, eyes shouting-oh man! we could have been travelling in Rajdhani! It still wasn't sinking in. We had decided, we'll pay the fine if need be; else we'll reach Hyderabad in the morning and will buy tickets. But the train won't stop there for long. Manjari, earlier our lab-mate(now at hyd), had come to that Bangalore conference and wished we'll meet while passing Hyderabad. Your wish is granted lady, whether you really wished it or not. Dhir called her. "We have left for Delhi. Will reach Hyderabad by morning". "NO! I am not coming, Secunderabad is too far from here". "You have no choice. We aren't asking. We are telling you to come", said he as he narrated our mis-adventure. It was late night. We hadn't eaten much and were tired and sleepy. How could you sleep in a general compartment where you could barely sit. The night seemed like an eternity. In the morning, we called her yet again to confirm she's woken up and coming. "Kitne kameene dost hain, savere jaga ke poochhte hain, tu aa rahi hai ya nahin? Aa rahi hoon baba, aa rahi hoon!", she shouted on the phone," I am ready, just leaving for the station!". These words seemed so refreshing after the morbid night.

And yes, she was there on time-ready with two tickets, laughing uncontrollably at our condition. We could laugh too now. Happy that she came knowing how clumsy she can be. We are still thankful. "Raat kaise kaati?", she asked. "Bade maze mein. I had your book to read", I replied, showing the cover of 'Phantoms in the brain' which i had borrowed from her. She and Dhir strolled for sometime chatting. I was too tired to budge. I gave her money for the tickets which she directly refused. Only when I showed her that we had ample money, she took it. With happy faces, we bid adieu, "See you in feb, we're coming for a conference".

The rest of the trip was again too dull and all I did was try to read the book. Could not focus and the short attention span made my progress snail-like. It still kept me busy. Second law of thermodynamics increased Dhir's entropy so he couldn't sit quite for long and kept moving around. After Mathura, the journey became more painful as the anticipation reached its maximum but the speed of train reached its minimum with stoppages more frequent than a blueline bus. When finally we arrived at Delhi, we rushed to our homes to get as much sleep as we could. And the pattern(rushing home to sleep) carried on for a few days at least.

(Yes!!! Finally the marathon story is over... :) And I am as happy as you, the reader).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Big Bang(alore) (mis)adventure-part2: The Desperate Dash

...(contd) We sprinted out of the station, in a flash through the maddening crowd of vehicles in the parking lot (our desperation made it appear all the more crowded), and onto the road in no time. We stopped an auto,"Yeswantpur?"."100 rupees",he said. It is uncanny how easily an auto driver discerns your urgency and decides the fare accordingly."50", I said, hoping he would agree on 60-70, but obviously we didn't have time at our luxury; not even for arguing on the ransom fare. He declared "80", fully knowing we had no choice. It took just a second for us to hop in. It was time for split second decisions. Anyways, we weren't going to travel to Yeswantpur daily. 'How long does it take to reach there?', we enquired. 30 min. "Drive faster, we have to make it in 10-15". As Einstein has rightly put it - "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity". We were on the hot stove. The 15 minutes seemed like eternity. Looked like we were going in slow motion. It kinda irked me but I told myself to keep my cool. This will pass. Finally we arrived at Yeswantpur. The train was at the platform, ready to leave. There was no time for getting a ticket. We'll pay the fine if need be. Let's just board it. So we boarded the AC coach and dumped our luggage on an empty side berth...(2 be contd-yeah yet again)...


We walked towards the road, silently. "Ice cream?", she asked. I woke up from my thoughts,"Huh, in this winter?"; paused for a while she waited for approval. "okay fine, it will be fun", I finally said.
"cornetto", I told the eager ice-cream vendor(I don't really remember which ice cream I ordered). He fished into the box quickly and had a cone in his hand and quoted the money. It was awkward when I asked,"you have just one left?". He started smiling,"sab log to ek hi lete hain sir !". It was as funny as it was embarrassing  I was laughing uncontrollably inside. I somehow suppressed my laughter and waited for her to clarify than me saying something stupid. Realizing I wont say anything, she quickly controlled the scene,"give us two, we eat more". It almost had me in splits...but I thought it would be much better to just enjoy the ice-cream.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Khwab nahin aate !

Sochta hoon ajkal mujhe kyun khwab nahin aate?
bachpan ki manind kyun behisaab nahin aate?

kya sota nahin hoon main
ya ab kalpana hi ksheen hai?
ya fir pehle jaisi ab
aati nahin wo neend hai?

ichchaon ki kami hai ya
pane ki chaah hi prabal nahin?
sab kuchh to paya nahin hai fir
kyun chahton me bal nahin?

yatharth ki lakeer kya
gehri khichi hai mastak mein?
kyun tej nahin dikhta hai ab
chhote sapno ki dastak mein?

sapnon ki kshanbhangurta ki
kya tees ho uthi tez hai?
sapnon se chalti yeh duniya
kyun sapnon se parhez hai?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Big Bang(alore) (mis)adventure

"What???", we exclaimed together. The coolie looked at us as if we either did not understand his language(common problem there) or dont want to believe him. It was the latter case. There we stood, flabbergasted. The news didnt sink in well. Infact it didnt sink in at all. How desperate we were to get to Delhi at the earliest possible time but now we stand here, dumbfounded.

Lets rewind the story two days ago. Our work at Bangalore was finished. We were very happy we will not have to suffer from its intolerable food (according to our taste that is). To our dismay, we couldn't leave as our e-ticket wasn't confirmed. So, we came back and reserved a tatkal ticket for RAJDHANI. We were disappointed that we will have to wait for two more days with nothing to do. And very bored we were.

Cut back to current situation. We were drenched in cold sweat. Our minds defied to think. The ugly Bangalore traffic held us long enough so our train could leave us behind. Dhir suggested we take an auto or something. I was trying to tell myself "All is well, all is well...", not believing a word of it. I was still in a shock. Dhir ran off to check the info at the inquiry counter. Now, i was beginning to soak in the news. I understood the train had left, and we cannot do anything about it. I told myself-keep it cool mate, think what to do now.

Dhir came back-yes the train has left. We should look for alternatives. We went to the platform, i took out my laptop, connected the data card and searched for alternatives on the internet. 'Oh no...there's no train until another day', i said. Dhir suggested-"Only option - Sampark Kranti from Yeswantpur station. Needs half an hour. Then he suggested we take a bus to Pune and look for options from there. We weren't going back at any cost. "Do we have that much money?", i asked. Probably yes. We counted. There was enough money to get us home but not as much to travel luxuriously. I wasn't too keen on traveling in a bus. We finally agreed on trying for "SAMPARK KRANTI" before we settle for the bus option. We were left with just half an hour. We packed up things in a jiffy and made a rush for Yeswantpur...(to be continued)

Monday, December 14, 2009

...baithi hai

Dikhayi deti nahin usko bechainiyaan meri,
mujko har aah bhi uski, dikhayi deti hai.
Aawaz apne dil ki, sun pata nahin aksar,
har aawaz uske dil ki sunayi deti hai.

Kya asar hai uspar, maloom hi nahin hota,
wo mujhko to deewaana banaye baithi hai.
Pahunchti bhi nahin arziyaan dil ki us tak,
mere sath khud ko bhi sataaye baithi hai !

Monday, August 24, 2009


Haan kar ya na kar, Kuchh to jawaab de !
Paagal keh de ya deewana, Kuch to khitaab de !!
Zindagi de de mujhe ya, jaan hi le le meri !
Teri yaad mein jaagi raaton ka,Kuchh to hisaab de !!

Kuchh keh nahin sakta, meri aankhon ko hi sun !
Khamoshi bhi suno meri, bas hogi pyaar ki dhun !!
Kyun hai tu pareshaa(n), ja sab kuchh bhool ja ab !
Bhool ja saare gham, ashkon ka mujhe sailaab de !!